Fat girl with an ice cream cone….

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Today I was eating an ice cream cone… licking it and sucking it…. to be honest, each and every time I eat ice cream it makes me crave cock… why is that ???

Chunky bitch need a hard dick

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This fat ass and this fat pussy need a real big cock to fill me up !!!! HARD THICK AND READY TO SQUIRT !!!!

Bring on that big hard on !!!


My phone number changed !!! ~ Now 888-605-0461

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OK fellas ~ My number changed it’s now 888-605-0461. Please make note of this new number.

Why the change you ask?? It’s kinda a funny story…. I am sure you have all seen the stories in the news about the black farmers…. well my phone number was 2 digits different from the number the black farmers were supposed to call to make a claim with the black farmers union. Needless to say it resulted in a ton of wrong numbers calling me as a result of mis-dialing.

Incase you were not aware… I have included a few links for your reading pleasure.




Monday night football

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I just love Monday night football. The chance to watch a good game…. have some yummy snacks, maybe a few beers and then for the best part of the night…. sucking your cock at half time !!! Seeing if I can get you to cream in my mouth before the game resumes…. and then having you fuck me silly with that cock when the game is over. I do love Monday !!!


Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you feel like a pair !

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Yes, I am feeling like sucking some major dick this evening. I wanna take a long hard shaft in my mouth. I long to feel the pulsing and throbbing of a thick, hard cock against my lips and tongue. I NEED DICK NOW!!! That cream squirting in my mouth…. I LOVE cum on my tongue !!



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Yes, fat girls love cock too!!! I need a big dick to ride…


Sometimes you feel like a pig!!

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I feel like getting some BIG DICK today… Cum give it to me!